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Shipping Container House

Sustainability of Shipping Containers Homes

Shipping Container HouseSteel and concrete make a shipping container home strong, permanent, enduring and affordable. The lack of (or minimal) wood usage makes the home sustainable and an eco-friendly choice. If wood elements are desired inside or outside of the home, choosing a fast-growing, renewable wood, like bamboo, keeps in line with the sustainability aspect of shipping containers homes. The first life of these shipping containers were to hold and move cargo over the land, sea or railways and can be given a upcycled second life as a modern home that takes up very little land mass. The upcycling manufacturing process takes place in a regulated factory environment and assures purchasers the steel containers are safe, reliable and standardized. The pre-fab steel containers can easily and quickly be put together on-site to the purchasers specifications and can be fitted into small spaces with a minimal footprint on the land. Built to last from renewable resources and endless design possibilities are making shipping container homes gain popularity among the new home builders. The small land footprint these shipping container homes make are helping people become home owners in areas where the cost of land has prevented many would-be home buyers to remain renters.